09 abril 2007

'From the Vault' en la Galleria Pack (Milán)

From the Vault
Curated by: Martina Cavallarin
Opening: 6 p.m., Thursday April 12 2007
Exhibition Dates: from April 13 through May 19 2007Artists: Matteo Basilè, Maurizio Borzì, Alberto Di Fabio, Franko B, Robert Gligorov, Bartolomeo Migliore, Francis Naranjo, Dario Nero, Alfred Rens, Aldo Runfola, Berni Searle y Shai Zurim.

A principle of insatiable contamination has guided the creative strategy employed for From the Vault, a contemporary group show designed to reveal, by opening Galleria Pack’s vaults, original and never-before-seen artwork, cultural inclinations and young artists exploring different creative routes.

An art gallery is not simply an exhibition space for pedagogical appointments during which more or less-informed spectators, critics, expert and up-and-coming curators, curious students, illuminated investors and collectors gather and meet in search of the latest novelty. An art gallery is also a production center for works that will be hung on its own walls, as well as others conceived for fairs, designed for museum events, for public spaces, created for individual “on the road” appearances and then successively gathered together and catalogued with great care and organization in the gallery’s storerooms. All this productive activity creates a considerable archive, one that From the Vault aims to unveil as an opportunity for contemplative crisscrossing that fosters encounters, exchange and intermingling.

From the Vault is a case of contaminated art following the theme of its commissioner, Galleria Pack, the unsealed workshop of a sole language, open to different interpretations of the contemporary. Work by the artists From the Vault includes painting, installations, video, drawings and photography.

The heterogeneity of From the Vault makes it possible to interpret the exhibition space, flexing to support the different linguistic natures of the possible artworks on exhibit. It amounts to an experimental space that unites artists distinguished by genre, generation and inclination; an encounter between dissonant expressive forms through which the recognition of a complementary diversity is rewarded. From the Vault is an experiment ranging from the storeroom to the walls of Galleria Pack, presenting a proactive and unexpected immersion in the sampling of contemporary art.